ID: 862 (Conflict of Interest: K)

Erfolgreiche interfakultäre Kooperation in der Lehre

H.-J.Haß1, J.Sterz2, M.Rüsseler3, H.Busk1, S.Piatek1, F.Walcher1
1Universitätsklinikum Magdeburg, Magdeburg
2Universitätsklinikum Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main
3Universitätsklinikum Frankfurt am Main, Frankfurt am Main


Against the background of the steadily decreasing interest in a specialist training in a surgical subject, the early motivation of the students during the studies is eminent. The design of the surgical block practice in the fourth year of studies is a very good platform for inspiring students for surgical subjects. As a result, many medical faculties already have tried-and-tested concepts for imparting practical skills, with the help of which students can be enthusiastic about surgery early on. Little is known about how and how such existing concepts can be transferred to other faculties.

Against this background, we have evaluated and further developed a concept for training practical skills (TpS), developed at the Goethe University in Frankfurt, regarding the transferability to the local possibilities at the Guericke University Magdeburg.

Material und Methoden

In addition to the teaching of the lessons, which now only takes one week after the restructuring, all students now complete a one-week training of practical skills in SkillsLab. A total of 10 modules were developed or adapted for the Magdeburger SkillsLab. In this way, the students learn important surgical basic skills as well as communication in the surgical context in accordance with the Frankfurt SkillsLab-Week. The training in SkillsLab is carried out in a realistic manner in green surgical clothing and interdisciplinary with the OTA students at the technical school.

Uniform mandatory lecturer manuals and annual lecturer training ensure a uniform training for all students at a high level.

Finally, the skills learned are finally tested by an OSCE, and stations between the locations have also been exchanged. Overall, the implementation of an existing, complex course is possible at a different location, but the fine-tuning of the individual modules requires adaptations to the learning objectives of the respective faculty-based learning target catalog and coordination with the contents of already existing courses.


This new surgical block study consisting of a TpS week followed by a clinical week is evaluated by the students. The first consistently positive resonances are very promising. The overall evaluation of the surgery in the faculty salary rose in Magedeburg from the grade 3,6 to 1,9 within 2 years after the implementation of the new block practical.


This strengthens us in our time-consuming commitment to improving the teaching of surgery despite the extremely tense staff and financial situation.